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The Relaunch of Benny’s Place

Relaunch of Benny's Place in Marketplace at Rustan’s Makati

This March 2023, Benny’s Place got a new look! The revamped restaurant is still the same family friendly bistro at its core; it just got a little upgrade. We added additional couch seating, enhanced lighting, colorful wall decals and a fresh menu with all your favorite classics to really hone in on the salo-salo theme.

Benny's Place Food - Tuna and Crispy Pork Dinakdakan

The new menu, crafted by our talented team of chefs now includes dishes like Tuna and Crispy Pork Dinakdakan, Pancit Negra and Sisig Siomai.

At Benny’s we celebrate classic Filipino comfort food best enjoyed with your family and friends. We are open for breakfast, lunch and early dinner service everyday from 10:30AM to 7:30pm. We are located at the Ground Floor of the Marketplace at Rustan’s Makati on Ayala Ave. Please contact our team at 0919 079 2256 to make reservations!

For more information follow us on social media and visit our website from the buttons below to order takeout.

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